What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the data-driven process of modifying your website and its elements to improve conversion rate. Conversion is an action that you want your visitors to take. Examples include signing up, making a purchase, clicking on a link, or subscribing to a newsletter. Conversion rate helps you convert more of your website traffic by optimizing the website experience. Let’s assume 10 out of 100 of your website visitors sign up for a free trial. After improving your website, this rate could increase to 20 sign-ups per 100 visitors.

CRO is user-centric

Website conversions are directly linked to the experience you offer your visitors. If your website has a clear value proposition, the content is meaningful, and your user is drawn to your calls-to-action, there is a high chance of them taking the action you want them to. If this doesn’t happen as expected, you might be doing something wrong. Conversion rate optimization is all about identifying what is wrong, and running experiments to see what works better.